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WordPress SEO aka “Clifford” may be one of my favorite WordPress updates in years.

Most WP core updates are uneventful, unless a client self-updates and blows up their site.


With WP 4.4 Clifford, Now you can simply drop in a url and get an embedded post, very similar to how you can build a list of embedded posts at Storify.

I literally just busted out this post to test out the feature because I did not believe what I was reading and wanted to see for myself.

It doesn’t get any easier that this.  Just drop in the link.

Here are a couple of recent gust posts, starting with one I did a few weeks ago for Duct Tape Marketing on Franchise SEO.

Behold the power of great content on a high authority site (domain authority of 70 to be precise).  This article achieved a first page ranking for a competitive niche keyword “franchise seo” and is climbing by the week.


5 Tips For Improving Franchise SEO Rankings


Here is another I did with Ray Perry on local SEO as part of promotion for our eBook Local SEO.

This eBook achieved Amazon best-seller status in the marketing category the first day of its release, and it ranks #1 for an Amazon search for “local seo”.

4 Local SEO Tips For 2016

How to add an embedded post into a WordPress Post?

Add the url into the visual editor and publish or update your post.

Some posts I have tried are not working, noticeably from WP sites that do not have comments enabled.  From what I can tell from a few minutes of testing is that you cannot embedded posts in this manner from third party sites that are not WordPress sites.

I love Storify and had been planning to develop a plugin just like this….and boom, here it is now part of the core WP install.  I’d still like to make a plugin to enable embedded posts from non-WP sites.

Other uses for WP embedded posts?

This feature could make for a cool author bio at the end of guest posts!

Also, they released this update just in time for you to create a post of ‘Top Posts of 2015″

What are your thoughts on WordPress 4.4?  Any other hidden gems I may have missed?  Or bugs that are driving you or your clients nuts?





7 thoughts on “WordPress Embedded Posts

    1. Curious also to see how the embed works with all the various page builder plugins and SEO plugins.. I’m sure those are the two types of plugins that would cause the most problems. Awesome new feature, nonetheless!

    1. Hi Todd, yes you are right it seems a bit flaky now, I see issues with https sites and embedding from other WP sites that have not been updated to 4.4 yet. It does not seem to work at all with non-WP sites, at least that I have found so far.

  1. Hi Phil, thanks for sharing this update. I am wondering how embedded posts are treated as it comes to content – does Google recognize them as guest content and wouldn’t index it as part of the page they’re embedded on? Is it potentially a duplicate content issue?

    1. HI Natalia, this is a great comment and thank you. From what I can see in the page source code, the only indexable content is the title and link, the other data is coming via an iframe and the snippet content does not appear to be indexing on the pages that use this embedded post feature. Although, I think the SEO industry can and will keep close tabs on this to see how Google ends up processing this content / feature.

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