Why Is WordPress So Good For SEO?

WordPress is the #1 small business content management system in the world. By some estimate, 60% of all new websites are built on the WordPress platform. When coded properly, WP is not only user-friendly , but also SEO-friendly. WordPress is a free, open source CMS with a huge development community. It is often updated, can be very secure and has many free and low cost plugins that enable you to add highly custom features. Most importantly, WP allows our clients to login to the backend of their website and easily and instantly add or edit content. This website is a WordPress website.

Why Are Guaranteed Rankings So Dangerous?

There is no doubt that the SEO services industry has a negative reputation. Even in Kansas City, there are “carpet bagger” SEO companies that have moved in from nearby states after having left a trail of destruction in other cities. Hard-selling, cold calling Internet marketers harass small business owners daily. We have been providing SEO services in KC since 2006. Most of our clients have been with us for years. Some clients have left and come back after being disappointed by other SEO companies. Guaranteed Rankings are a sham and an indication of a shady SEO firm. There is no way to guarantee organic rankings and in fact, this is often a slippery slope. Typically, when SEO firms guarantee rankings, they will try increasingly aggressive SEO tactics to get the rank – they are in fact encouraged to do so. If your rankings go up, they get paid – but if they go down, they have no loss – your website and company become the loser, often with a lasting effect.

Is Kansas City SEO Affiliated With Other SEO Companies?

Kansas City SEO® is the original search engine optimization company in Kansas City. We have built the strongest and best performing brand of SEO services in Kansas City. With this success, many other local firms have tried to piggy-back on our brand name. As they same, imitation is the highest form of flattery. We have also found that most companies do their research and end up finding our official Kansas City SEO website. That being said, we are affiliated with the number one selling brand of web design services in Kansas City as well:

Kansas City Web Design®
When you meet with us in person, it will become clear how the combination of our experienced team combined with proven, proprietary SEO methodologies have made us the most popular choice for SEO services in Kansas City.

How Does A Company Choose An SEO Services Firm?

Surprisingly, of all the B2B services firms evaluate, SEO services may be one of the easiest to pick:

  • Run a search for their own services – any firm selling SEO in Kansas City should rank highly for “seo kansas city” or similar terms
  • The SEO firm should show several examples of client sites with first page rank – as well as get phone call references from clients.  For example, for an auto body should, you as a prospective client should see first page ranking for “Kansas City auto body” are related terms.
  • Never buy SEO services from a cold call – this is a service you should be able to ‘find’ – the very best SEO companies never cold call, they get almost all their clients from referrals and, of course, their own organic rankings and search engine optimization efforts.

Make any SEO company you select will guarantee not to use any offshore SEO services or linking schemes that are prohibited by Google.  Some of these include link pyramids, link wheels and private blog networks.  While some of these link schemes may still provide short term rank, there is so much risk and potential long term damage to your website that its not worth it to take link building short cuts.

My Last SEO Company Wrecked My Site, Can You Help?

Yes.  MANY companies were affected last year by Google search engine updates, particularly algorithm updates that targeted websites using volume link building tactics as well as spammy content marketing.  Many websites were affected, including some that never used and SEO firms. Two Google updates have names: Panda & Penguin.  The Panda algorithm targets website content and structure on your website.  If you or your SEO company were overly aggressive with spammy content and keyword stuffing, chances are that you have been hit or will soon be hit with Panda penalty.  Penguin, on the the other hand, targets back-links – specifically links from other sites that point or link back to your website.  High quality backlinks from relevant, quality and trusted website are an enormous benefit to your website.  But spammy, unrelated links from fake website – or sites and schemes that were created solely to trick Google – are no longer beneficial to your website and likely harmful.

Kansas City SEO has a proven method to recovery organic rankings from website that have been affected by Panda & Penguin updates, as well as other algorithm updates that have caused website rankings to drop suddenly or unexpectedly.  Schedule a free consultation today.

Can You Fix The SEO On My Current Website?

Maybe.  In many cases, websites are not SEO friendly.  This is why they are easy to beat.  99% of all web design firms focus on the front-end design.  All they care about is creating attractive websites that meet the minimum functionality requirements.  In other words –


  • Site looks great (most important)
  • Site works (important)
  • Best practices coding (not important)
  • High SEO Potential (not capable / not important)


  • Site looks great (manage the balance between SEO & aesthetics)
  • Site works (important)
  • Best practices coding (critical)
  • High SEO Potential (critical)

Can we fix your site?  In most cases, we need to re-design or re-code a website to give a site is maximum SEO potential.  Sometimes, if you have a newly designed website in WordPress, we are able to work with the current website.

Do You Manage Adwords Pay Per Click PPC?

Yes!  Adwords can be a great supplement to and organic SEO program.  In fact, we use Adwords to supplement our own SEO efforts.  Our expertise in search engine optimization give us a powerful advantage in PPC management.  No other firm in Kansas City can deliver a higher ROI for your Adwords budget.

Do You Have Any Recommended Reading For Search Engine Optimization?

Phil Singleton is a nationally recognized contributor to several industry blogs and magazines, including Examiner andBusiness2Community.  Additionally, we will be adding regular exclusive content to our Kansas City SEO blog in 2014.

Do you have any examples of recent SEO successes?

Yes.  We have dozens of SEO clients, many of whom have been with us for years.  Kansas City auto detailing shop, Sunflower Dent & Detail was client #1 and has been with us since 2006.  We also like to use Unique Epoxy Designs as and example.  Owner Glen Smith moved to KC a couple of years ago, and with a high ranking website, became a major Kansas City epoxy flooring and Kansas City stained concrete contractor almost overnight.  We have more successful SEO client cases than any other SEO company in Kansas City.  Just ask, we have as many references as you would like.

How much do SEO services cost?

Search engine optimization services are custom and billed monthly. In terms of cost, SEO fees depend on several factors. First, you may be targeting a city such as Overland Park, the entire metro Kansas City area, multiple cities around Kansas City or perhaps even a national audience. Second, after we determine the geographic scope, we need to determine a target group of keywords. Then we need to determine how many keywords to target at once. Typically, we start with 3-5 keywords and adjust as needed. Since there are many factors that affect the time and effort, an SEO programs can cost a few hundred dollars per month to several thousand dollars per month.