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Stop Wasting Your PPC Budget on Junk Clicks

Pay-Per-Click advertising is, as the name suggests, a form of advertising where you pay by the click. It can be used to instantly drive targeted traffic to your website, and you can also choose to serve these ads to specific geographic locations – such as by country, state, city, or zip code.

Here’s an example of a PPC ad on the Google Ads platform:

ppc kansas city google ads

In  the digital marketing world, Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is the 800-Pound Gorilla in this space.

Pay-Per-Click advertising (also known as PPC) definitely has its haters, and most SEO experts would say that PPC advertising is no match for organic search engine rankings.  To some degree this is true.  Organic, non-paid Google rankings get 5 to 10 times as many clicks as Google Ads clicks.

The challenge most companies have with Kansas City PPC services is that the platform is cumbersome and difficult to navigate.   What’s more concerning is that the Google Ads, including their support services, are all engineered to get your company to spend as much as possible.  Google doesn’t care about your success.  They just want to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

Understand the Risks of Hiring a PPC Agency

Hiring an experienced PPC agency in Kansas City can be extremely helpful for your business, as long as you hire an agency that has experience and working for your best interests.

Many local PPC agencies struggle, however, to deliver high ROI results.

Here are the risks and red flags you should look out for:

1. Google Ads Is Rigged Against You 

Google Ads exists for one reason: to make Google lots of money!  In fact, 99% of their revenue comes from Google Ads.   And with their monopolistic hold on the search engine industry, they have rigged the entire system and everything around it for their benefit, not yours.  

In other words, Google Ads is an online marketing casino, and the house always wins.

When you setup a new Google Ads account, the entire process and support system is designed in a way to help Google get the most out of your budget.  The bidding system, automated recommendations and real-life account support all steer you in a direction that is most favorable for Google.

What’s even worse is that all the Google Ads and Google Certifications & Training Courses all steer PPC specialists to recommend Google suggestions in the name of “Best Practices”.

This means, the entire PPC industry and the marketing agencies that support the system are rigged to benefit Google, not your business.

But the problem is that many PPC specialists are young and inexperienced.  They’ve already been brain washed into using Google Ads automated bidding systems – which are engineered for Google’s best interests.

In other words, most PPC specialists are high Google’s Kool Aid:

google ads ppc specialist


2. PPC Agency Billing Works Against You

In terms of how much you should pay for PPC management, the way most marketers charges works against you.

Furthermore, most local Kansas City PPC agencies will charge you based on your ad spend.  So if your ad spend is $5,000/month, a typical agency would charge at least $1k/mo in management fees.  If you increase your spend to $10,000/mo, then the agency gets $2k/mo in fees.  So their incentive is to get you to spend more and more, which makes is a misalignment of interests.

3. Google Doesn’t Make It Easy to Truly Optimize PPC Campaigns

However, there is no reason to choose one form of Internet marketing over the other, because PPC and SEO work hand-in-hand. PPC is in fact, a very effective short term solution while you’re establishing organic SEO rankings.

PPC even has the power to substantially improve your SEO strategy. So let’s get started, and take a look at how you can use PPC and SEO together, when formulating the most powerful kind of online marketing strategy.

Get Kansas City PPC Services the Work for You!

As mentioned earlier, SEO can take a while in terms of establishing itself as a viable traffic source.  Organic ranking can take anywhere from three to six months to establish minimal results, and up to a year to start seeing more complete results.

On top of that, you might spend all of your time improving the rankings of a page, only to find that it doesn’t convert website visitors into customers.  This is why SEO is an ongoing process of keep up with Google ranking algorithm updates (yes, they change their organic ranking formula all the time) and conversion optimization, which involves tweaking you web page to ensure they are triggering the desired call to action.

PPC is an awesome tool for refining and optimizing all of the above.

By testing a page with PPC ahead of time, we can to tell whether or not a certain page is performing as desired.

If the page is not providing you the results we need, we can adjust your search engine optimization strategy and tactics accordingly. This testing can help us compress the organic ranking cycle.

Use Your PPC Budget to Boost Your SEO

We also PPC to identify new SEO opportunities.

Google, the king of search engines, is also the biggest player in PPC advertising.  In fact, over 90% of Google revenues comes from AdWords, their pay-per-click advertising platform.

As a result, they have the most data in terms of what people are searching for, and what keywords are converting well. They offer this data for free within your AdWords user account panel.  It’s called the Keyword Planner Tool and its the most powerful tool in all of SEO.

So how do you we use the Keyword Planner Tool?

You’ll want to identify some of the top search phrases in your niche.

You’ll then want to identify which ones will cost you the most, if you were to use them in your PPC strategy.

You can do all of this using their keyword tool.

These keywords, tend to be the ones that convert people into customers — that’s why they’re so expensive.

If you’re playing the long game of SEO, you can identify these keywords as SEO opportunities, and attempt to rank for them over time. You can do this by creating content that is based on the keywords you discovered.

Identifying keywords that convert is important, because ranking for a particular keyword does not mean much if it doesn’t lead to an eventual rise in sales.

Dominate Your Market with SEO & PPC Services

If you take the time to learn how SEO and PPC work in their own right, you have the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds.

PPC can provide you with a lot of short-term feedback, in terms of how well certain webpages on your website are performing. The data provided by certain PPC platforms can also inform you of potential SEO opportunities.

You can then use that information to craft a long-term SEO strategy.  You can also combine this data with our Kansas City web design services to take your website to the next level.

Such a strategy which will reduce your need to rely on PPC, whilst still providing you with ample amounts of traffic that converts into revenue.

By combining the two disciplines, you’ll give yourself an edge that most of your competitors lack.

Your Local Kansas City PPC Company

We manage millions of dollars in AdWords spend.  Few boutique SEO agencies in the MidWest have our level of AdWords expertise and none have out track record in search engine optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a type of digital marketing where you pay a fee each time one of your ads is clicked. In other words, you pay for targeted visits to your website based on the words user search for in search engines.

What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management is a fee-based digital marketing service whereby a PPC specialist manages the process of overseeing and managing your company’s PPC advertising budget.  PPC management services help you optimize budget by minimizing ad spend while maximizing conversion rates.

How Much Do Kansas City PPC Services Cost?
PPC management companies typically charge a percentage of your ad spend as their fee.  This PPC management fee can range anywhere from 10% to 25% of your ad spend.  Other agencies may charge a flat fee, or a flat fee plus a percentage of your ad spend.  At Kansas City SEO, PPC management service are a part of all of our SEO packages.


Bob Hamilton Plumbing + Heating + A/C + Rooter

Bob Hamilton

The Best SEO & Best Web Design in Business!!!

"The Best Web Design & Best SEO in the Business!!!"

We’ve grown substantially over the last few years and undoubtedly we have Phil and the team at Kansas City SEO to thank for that.

Kansas City SEO is a terrific company with hardworking individuals who put the client first.   Simply put Phil is the best. Great website design with the best SEO in Kansas City.

If you want more leads and to grow your business fast, Phil and his team are the absolute BEST…best SEO & Web Design in the business!!!”

Bob Hamilton Plumbing + Heating + A/C + Rooter

The Best Web Design Company...these Guys Are at the Top of the List!

"The Best Kansas City Web Design in Kansas City. Period."

We work with hundreds of digital agencies across the country and around the world. We’ve worked closely with Phil and the Kansas City SEO team. This SEO agency not only provides cutting edge, best-practices SEO services, we’ve seen first hand how their work consistently produces results for businesses of all sizes.

We value our relationship with Kansas City SEO and are proud that our platform is playing a major role in their rapid growth.  If you are looking for the best web design and SEO company in Kansas City, these guys are at the top of the list.

UpCity, CEO

UpCity, CEO

Dan Olson

Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch

Phil Singleton Is the Most Talented SEO Consultant I've Ever Worked With.

"Phil Singleton Is the Most Talented SEO Consultant I've Ever Worked With."

Phil Singleton is the most talented SEO consultant I’ve ever worker with. What I love about working with Phil is that he brings the technical know-how laced with marketing realities that allow you to benefit from doing the right things the right way. Be wary when you hire an SEO expert and make sure they talk about content, social, marketing and optimization because it’s all related.

Want to hire a true SEO Expert? Phil’s your guy – no question in my mind.

Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Duct Tape Marketing

I can't recommend an SEO company more highly!

"I can't recommend an SEO company more highly!"

I have known this SEO agency and its reputation for years.  I’ve also worked with dozens of digital marketing agencies over the course of my career. Phil Singleton is a true SEO expert. He and his team are well known in the industry for creating innovative digital marketing strategies and for staying ahead of Google in the ever-changing world of web design and search engine optimization. 

When it came time to focus on our own growth marketing and SEO initiative for my company, Bottleneck Distant Assistants, there was no question we’d be partnering with Phil & his team.  This SEO company made an immediate impact on our company and they bring so much more value to the table than just SEO.  They’ve helped us improve our targeting, our messaging, our website and have just generally helped us take all the fragmented pieces of our marketing and tie them all together into a cohesive digital marketing strategy.  I can’t recommend an SEO company more highly than this one!

Bottleneck Distant Assistants

Bottleneck Distant Assistants

jamie jay bottleneck

Scott Neidow

Fairway Exteriors, Owner

Kansas City SEO is a True Marketing Unicorn

Kansas City SEO is a true marketing unicorn. 

In my decade-long career as a Regional Sales Manager at James Hardie, I worked with hundreds of contractors across the country and when it came to marketing and lead generation, most of them felt frustrated or even burned by marketing companies. A general mistrust of marketers was the norm and still is to this day. Over the years at James Hardie, I met hundreds of marketing agencies, but only handful of marketing companies that could deliver solid, repeatable results that we could recommend to our contractors. But in this small group of standout marketers, Phil Singleton and his team at Kansas City SEO is a true marketing unicorn. 

Their whole approach to marketing is so much different than the same SEO and digital marketing mumbo jumbo you hear over and over again. So when it came to starting my own business (Fairway Exteriors), I knew 100% I’d be calling on Phil and his team to build us an online lead machine. In our first year we went from a brand new website and brand with $0 in revenues to 7+ digits in the first six months! If you are in construction or any business really, and have the budget and patience to invest in a real website and marketing plan, Kansas City SEO is the partner you need to fast track your way to success.

Scott Neidow

Fairway Exteriors, Owner


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Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton is an Google Marketing and SEO Expert in Kansas City.  Phil owns and operates Kansas City SEO®, a boutique Internet marketing agency serving companies nationwide. Armed with a degree in Finance, an MBA, and over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Phil leads a dedicated team of proven SEO specialists laser-focused on results and return on investment (ROI).  When it comes to solving the most complex SEO problems or achieving top rankings for the most competitive search terms and industry niches, more companies and executives around the country turn to Phil than any other other SEO agency in Kansas City.

Phil is also an award-winning author and regular speaker at events & conferences. He’s also featured writer and contributor on SEO & marketing industry websites such as Duct Tape Marketing, SEMRush, UpCity, WebDesigner Depot, AHRefs and Advanced Web Ranking, where he provides insight and expert opinion on the topics of search engine optimization, Internet marketing, and small business marketing.

If you need help improving your company’s SEO rankings, or want to maximize your online lead generation so that you can reach your truth growth potential, schedule a free consultation with Phil Singleton today.




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