Google 360 Street View Virtual Tours

Google Virtual Tour + Reputation Management =

10x Local SEO

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When it comes to local search engine optimization, the Holy Grail of SEO is combining high organic and map rankings with reputation management.

Pound for pound, there is no other marketing investment that comes close in terms of ROI.  Remember, when a buyer does a Google search, they are already sold!

SEO is not about advertising – it’s about stealing demand from the other guys that are advertising.

All that expensive TV, radio and print advertising creates the demand that sends people right to the Internet.

Your Company Has To Be Visible In Search To Catch That Demand!

Almost all purchase decisions these days filter back through the Internet.

Consumers don’t go from a TV commercial to the phone.  They go from the TV, to the Internet, then to the phone.

When your company comes up first on Google, and you have many more positive reviews than the other guys, you have a chance to steal your competitor’s marketing dollars!

Having a fully optimized Google local business profile is key for local search engine visibility.   Google explicitly states that “virtual tours help double interest in business listings.”

Here is a Google 360 Tour demo provide by


Who Benefits From A Google 360 Virtual Tour?

Virtually any business with a physical office space will benefit from Google Virtual Tours:

  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Medical offices
  • Hotels
  • Car Dealers
  • Corporate offices
  • Storefront businesses
  • Retail businesses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Any business with a showroom


Why hire an SEO company for a Google Virtual Tour?

We joined the Google Street View Trusted Photographer program because we started to notice that the virtual tours were not being implemented in the best way for search engine optimization.   For example, many photographers will load a virtual tour into a Google Maps listing for a location that has not been verified.

In our opinion, to get the maximum search engine value, your Google Virtual Tour needs to be configured properly with an optimized Google+ Company Profile.

This is where our service is different than any other.  Most photographers know very little about SEO, thus a huge opportunity is lost.

Our starter package includes helping you setup and professionally optimize your Google+ company page.



Why Kansas City SEO®?

First, Kansas City SEO’s Phil Singleton is enrolled in the Google Street View Trusted Photographer program.  Second, you will get better results with our implementation because we are SEO experts.  We know how to combine and connect this awesome visual experience with local search engine optimization in a way that will ensure your Google My Business and Google Maps listings have the highest potential for local search rankings.

Third, we have invested in the mind-blowing Iris360 Full Immersion Camera.   We don’t do our shoots like a traditional photographer.  They tend to use a DSLR camera and “stitch” together multiple digital images into a 360 image.

We use cutting edge technology to create our tours.  To our knowledge, we are the only Internet marketing company in Kansas City with this device and to our knowledge, and only one of a handful in the region.  We were on a waiting list for a very long time before our unit arrived in mid 2016.


Kansas City Virtual Tours

Here’s The SEO Secret Sauce

Getting a Google 360 Virtual Tour for your business may increase your organic ranking positions.  Why?  Because the only way to add a Google Virtual Tour to your business is through a Google trusted photographer or agency.  When a trusted person visits your business, this is a natural vetting process that sends a strong trust signal to Google.  While Google does not state explicitly that Google Virtual Tours improve rankings, they do imply that great content and web pages that demonstrate authority and that are trustworthy will rank better than those that are not.

But the real power of this program is when it is combined with an online reputation management strategy.  Kansas City SEO has developed a review funnel system that enables your business to collect feedback from customers in a way that will help you manage disgruntled customers, while sending happy customers directly to your review channels.


Get a Kansas City Google Virtual Tour Today

As with most high powered Internet marketing and social media marketing tactic, the companies that get ahead of the crowd, tend to stay ahead of the competition.

We have an affordable, killer local SEO package that includes:

  • A 5-sphere Google Virtual Tour (more spheres available ala carte)
  • A professionally optimized Google My Business page
  • A custom mini-website review funnel

For more information on our customer local reputation management package or to book a Google Virtual Tour contact us today.