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#1 Rated Best Kansas City Video Production Service

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YouTube & TikTok Have Changed the Game

Over the last several years, online customers and buyers have increasingly looked to video on YouTube to find answers to questions and learn more about the products and services that can help them solver their problems.

With the advent of TikTok, the appetite and expectation on video has accelerated the need for you to adopt an video strategy and incorporate it into your Kansas City web design , SEO and marketing campaigns.

In other words, if you don’t get video onto your website quickly, your website will not only start to look dated, but your search engine rankings and website conversion rates will suffer.

AI-Assisted Blog Writing Has Leveled the Playing Field

Blogging and blog writing is still the cornerstone of any SEO campaign, but with the advent of AI-assisted writing (such as ChatGPT and others), blog writers have been able to quickly scale to create more, higher quality blog content as scale.

The is leveling the playing field in content marketing arena because the gaps in optimized quality website content 

Video blog content is a game changer for SEO when an expert answers questions and solves problem in this format because it cannot be reproduced easily by AI, especially when the video presenter is a bona-fide subject matter expert and has the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trust) signals that back that up.

But It’s Easy to Waste Money on Video Production

A big problem that business owners and companies have is creating video content that produces a return on investment.

Most video production companies in Kansas City treat video production as a creative project. So, they spend a lot of time on video and audio quality, special effects, talent and other bells and whistles that have diminishing returns.

SEO helps to ensure your video production investment will produce a return on investment (ROI).

Search Engine Optimization takes the guesswork out of video content creation, because we can incorporate ideal client search behavior in terms of identifying keywords that have commercial intent, as well as research the common questions people are asking online.  By creating content that people actually want, we can’t remove the burden of trying to create something clever, or cute or viral that typically has a very high cost with a very low return.

Our SEO Services Including WEEKLY Videos!

At Kansas City SEO, we have adopted a “video first” format where virtually all of our content production is driven from video content, published on your website, and pushed out to social media from your own site.

While there is a lot of work and many details, the general process works like this after we have setup and optimized your website for SEO:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Question Research
  3. Q&A Videos
  4. Video Blog Summaries
  5. Weekly Posting & Distribution

Get Kansas City Video Production Services that Work!

Send us an email or give us a call today!  We will show you the details of this process and how you can leverage SEO and video production in Kansas City tp help you company reach it’s true potential and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is a marketing tactic that uses video production to produce digital content for marketing and incorporating a video content into your digital marketing strategy to promote your brand or products and services. Video marketing educates your audience effectively and helps increase engagement on social and digital channels.

How Much Does Video Production Cost?

Basic video production services in Kansas City (and nationally) for YouTube, Social Media, Vlogging and Social Media marketing can cost anywhere from $150/hr from a freelance videographer, to $10,000/mo or more from a full-service video production agency.

At Kansas City SEO, we include weekly videos as part of our ongoing SEO marketing services.

How Does Video Content Help SEO Rankings?

Video Content adds Expertise, Authority & Trust signals to your website, which in turn help to boost your website’s organic search engine rankings.  

In order for video to help your SEO, it needs to provide quality information in terms of educating your audience, and providing answers and solutions to you prospective customers. 

How Can I Be Sure Video Investment Has an ROI?

In order to maximize your ROI, do not hire any Kansas City video production company that does not have SEO expertise in-house.  If your product video content without knowing what keyword and and questions your audience wants, your video content will miss the mark and will not produce any meaningful return on investment (ROI).


Bob Hamilton Plumbing + Heating + A/C + Rooter

Bob Hamilton

The Best SEO & Best Web Design in Business!!!

"The Best Web Design & Best SEO in the Business!!!"

We’ve grown substantially over the last few years and undoubtedly we have Phil and the team at Kansas City SEO to thank for that.

Kansas City SEO is a terrific company with hardworking individuals who put the client first.   Simply put Phil is the best. Great website design with the best SEO in Kansas City.

If you want more leads and to grow your business fast, Phil and his team are the absolute BEST…best SEO & Web Design in the business!!!”

Bob Hamilton Plumbing + Heating + A/C + Rooter

The Best Web Design Company...these Guys Are at the Top of the List!

"The Best Kansas City Web Design in Kansas City. Period."

We work with hundreds of digital agencies across the country and around the world. We’ve worked closely with Phil and the Kansas City SEO team. This SEO agency not only provides cutting edge, best-practices SEO services, we’ve seen first hand how their work consistently produces results for businesses of all sizes.

We value our relationship with Kansas City SEO and are proud that our platform is playing a major role in their rapid growth.  If you are looking for the best web design and SEO company in Kansas City, these guys are at the top of the list.

UpCity, CEO

UpCity, CEO

Dan Olson

Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch

Phil Singleton Is the Most Talented SEO Consultant I've Ever Worked With.

"Phil Singleton Is the Most Talented SEO Consultant I've Ever Worked With."

Phil Singleton is the most talented SEO consultant I’ve ever worker with. What I love about working with Phil is that he brings the technical know-how laced with marketing realities that allow you to benefit from doing the right things the right way. Be wary when you hire an SEO expert and make sure they talk about content, social, marketing and optimization because it’s all related.

Want to hire a true SEO Expert? Phil’s your guy – no question in my mind.

Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Duct Tape Marketing

I can't recommend an SEO company more highly!

"I can't recommend an SEO company more highly!"

I have known this SEO agency and its reputation for years.  I’ve also worked with dozens of digital marketing agencies over the course of my career. Phil Singleton is a true SEO expert. He and his team are well known in the industry for creating innovative digital marketing strategies and for staying ahead of Google in the ever-changing world of web design and search engine optimization. 

When it came time to focus on our own growth marketing and SEO initiative for my company, Bottleneck Distant Assistants, there was no question we’d be partnering with Phil & his team.  This SEO company made an immediate impact on our company and they bring so much more value to the table than just SEO.  They’ve helped us improve our targeting, our messaging, our website and have just generally helped us take all the fragmented pieces of our marketing and tie them all together into a cohesive digital marketing strategy.  I can’t recommend an SEO company more highly than this one!

Bottleneck Distant Assistants

Bottleneck Distant Assistants

jamie jay bottleneck

Scott Neidow

Fairway Exteriors, Owner

Kansas City SEO is a True Marketing Unicorn

Kansas City SEO is a true marketing unicorn. 

In my decade-long career as a Regional Sales Manager at James Hardie, I worked with hundreds of contractors across the country and when it came to marketing and lead generation, most of them felt frustrated or even burned by marketing companies. A general mistrust of marketers was the norm and still is to this day. Over the years at James Hardie, I met hundreds of marketing agencies, but only handful of marketing companies that could deliver solid, repeatable results that we could recommend to our contractors. But in this small group of standout marketers, Phil Singleton and his team at Kansas City SEO is a true marketing unicorn. 

Their whole approach to marketing is so much different than the same SEO and digital marketing mumbo jumbo you hear over and over again. So when it came to starting my own business (Fairway Exteriors), I knew 100% I’d be calling on Phil and his team to build us an online lead machine. In our first year we went from a brand new website and brand with $0 in revenues to 7+ digits in the first six months! If you are in construction or any business really, and have the budget and patience to invest in a real website and marketing plan, Kansas City SEO is the partner you need to fast track your way to success.

Scott Neidow

Fairway Exteriors, Owner


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Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton is an Google Marketing and SEO Expert in Kansas City.  Phil owns and operates Kansas City SEO®, a boutique Internet marketing agency serving companies nationwide. Armed with a degree in Finance, an MBA, and over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Phil leads a dedicated team of proven SEO specialists laser-focused on results and return on investment (ROI).  When it comes to solving the most complex SEO problems or achieving top rankings for the most competitive search terms and industry niches, more companies and executives around the country turn to Phil than any other other SEO agency in Kansas City.

Phil is also an award-winning author and regular speaker at events & conferences. He’s also featured writer and contributor on SEO & marketing industry websites such as Duct Tape Marketing, SEMRush, UpCity, WebDesigner Depot, AHRefs and Advanced Web Ranking, where he provides insight and expert opinion on the topics of search engine optimization, Internet marketing, and small business marketing.

If you need help improving your company’s SEO rankings, or want to maximize your online lead generation so that you can reach your truth growth potential, schedule a free consultation with Phil Singleton today.




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