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In terms of on-page optimization, SEO experts generally focus on two main areas: website content and website structure.

Content is pretty straight forward. If you can provide your website with consistently well-written content, which is both relevant and targeted, this will contribute to improved search engine rankings for your site.

Web design, however, is often overlooked but very important for search engine optimization.

Your website must follow best-practices coding standards, be laid out properly and be easily accessible by search engines – namely Yahoo, Bing and of course Google.

WordPress is an extremely intuitive Content Management System and is the perfect CMS for small business websites.

WordPress CMS

WordPress was originally conceived to assist do-it-yourself bloggers. In fact, WordPress started out as a blogging software platform and has gradually morphed in a powerful CMS for complete website management.

Managing web pages, creating blog posts, adding images and videos and even making minor changes to the layout can all be done with absolutely no knowledge of website coding.

Though it may not be ideal for all companies, with respect to small businesses, this free platform offers everything most small business owners need for a full-featured, SEO friendly website.

Since WordPress allows business owners to post their own content directly to a website, they can make a direct contribution to growing their site with valuable content. In a general sense, the more quality content that a website publishes, the better chance it has to obtain and sustain high organic search engine optimization rankings.

Further, the more quality blog posts your company publishes, the better chance your site has to get visibility for ‘long tail’ and geo-targeted keywords.

More KC WordPress Benefits

Another benefit of WordPress is its huge developer community.

It is estimated that 30%-60% of all new websites are built using WordPress. With many proven plugins and feature-enhancing extensions, WordPress has become the ‘goto’ CMS for web designers and SEO professionals around the world.

WordPress allows you to integrate social media, spider-friendly sitemaps and improve website loading speeds “ all with absolutely no programming knowledge.

Due to the standards maintained by and active open source coding community, search engines love WordPress websites.

This has been proven over and over by the hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites that have top organic rankings.

When it all comes down to it, WordPress is the most cost-effective, best-supported and most search engine friendly CMS you will find. Every SEO expert has unique strategies and tactics to achieve SEO results, but SEO programs must custom and tailored for each business.

KC’s Top WordPress Developers

SEO strategies must be centered around a search engine friendly website – with an SEO friendly site, your website will never be able to achieve its Internet visibility potential. The best race care driver in the world cannot win races win inferior cars -on the Internet, your website is your race car.

The substantial support from the global WordPress development community and the fact that this CMS is open-sourced freeware are the main reason why WordPress has become the de-facto standard for SEO friendly web design.

For this reason, most SEO professionals, including Kansas City SEO, almost exclusively recommend WordPress as the best CMS for search engine optimization and Internet marketing programs.