What is Guest Blogging & How Does It Help SEO?

There is only one constant with Google – it is constantly changing. Any website that wants to continue seeing results for their website needs to implement all these changes – and quickly – to avoid serious penalties from Google. Guest blogging has been a controversial topic in the past – some claiming that it was […]

How Many Words Should Blog Posts and Web Pages Have for SEO?

While you know by now content is king, what you may not know is what is considered enough content? Is there a point when it gets to be too much? What length of content is right for blogs, articles, press releases, etc.? Since we first published this blog post in 2016, the average number of […]

Why is Content Marketing Critical for Search Engine Optimization?

content marketing

We said it: Successful SEO campaigns are no longer built around link building. In the near future, every business that successfully gains rank online will achieve organic ranking success with well-written, relevant and creative content. Sustainable, long-term SEO campaigns that work will not be the result of SEO short-cuts – at least not anymore.

Why your Small Business May Need to Hire a Freelance Writer

Kansas City Freelance Writers

The bottom line is that blogging has become a critical, perhaps even the most important, search engine ranking factor. Blogging is not the SEO ‘magic bullet’. Its a minimum requirement. Its a simple fact: if your competitors are creating and posting good blog content on a regular basis, they are going to beat you online.  […]