Why your Small Business May Need to Hire a Freelance Writer

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The bottom line is that blogging has become a critical, perhaps even the most important, search engine ranking factor. Blogging is not the SEO ‘magic bullet’. Its a minimum requirement. Its a simple fact: if your competitors are creating and posting good blog content on a regular basis, they are going to beat you online.  Can you write weekly blog articles or do you need to consider hiring Kansas City freelance writers?

So, we all know that blogging is important for SEO, but what small business owner has the time to write once a month? The best performing small business websites post once a week or more.

Everyone is good a something. This is precisely the reason that we all specialize in different areas of business. Even if we were good at everything, there would be no time to get it all done. These same principles extend online, however, many (very bright) people seem to miss this – or at least underestimate how time consuming blog writing can be. It sounds easy enough, yet for people that are not used to writing every day, sometimes the words just don’t come out at the speed of though. This means many business owner sit and struggle to get blog writing done. After those first blog posts are is published, we often see a sharp drop off in follow-up posts. Kansas City business owners will begin to procrastinate, the blog gets stale and your SEO consulting firm will not have the “content ammo” to keep your search engine rankings afloat.

The initial mistake that many people make is that they understand how content should be written for websites, but lack the time and experience of routine blogging. Even if you have an immense amounts of research already done, it takes a lot of effort to ensure that your web content is written in a way appeals to users and to the search engines. The ideal freelance writer is someone who may be a skilled writer, but with less knowledge in your subject area. The reason freelancers write articles, the fact that you were able to find them available, and the reason they can earn a living as a contractor is directly related to their writing skills.  You, as a Kansas City business owner, on the other hand, likely do not write every day. Today’s experienced freelance writers are individuals that can write great content that appeals to your audience while providing your with the content your website needs to improve in the search ranks and generate more business online.  These writers may not develop the initial blog topic ideas, but they are able to build an entire article for your Inbound marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization goals.

The other mistake that is made too often is underestimating of the importance of website content. Individuals running businesses tend to think that the most important aspect is the idea or business itself, and that everything else is peripheral.  Your website and its content can no longer be considered the step child of your business.  To succeed online, you need well-written, engaging content. Period. Hiring a freelance writer is by far the easiest and most effective way to achieve your online marketing and search engine visibility goals.

It is important to concede that not everything will be can be accomplished with  in your own two hands, or even by your existing staff.  You might want to consider outsourcing to third parties when it comes to skills that are outside of your company’s wheel house. There are many freelance writer in Kansas City and the Kansas City SEO team also has access to a large pool of talented and affordable writers and bloggers.

If your website content strategy needs help, try handing the reigns to someone with the right experience and skills.  In the end it will save you time and money, and give you a much better return on investment than than trying to become a writer yourself.