Google Stock Price VS Algorithm Updates: Positive Correlation?

Google Stock Price

There always seems to be a lot of speculation, or ranting to put it mildly, when Google pushes out major algorithm updates. Many SEO’s have suggested that Google constantly shuffles the ranking deck to make AdWords more appealing to business owners.

What is AdWords Pay-per-Click Advertising?


Pay per click advertising harnesses the power of the search engines to make your site more visible. When you put your site up on the Internet, you may opt to participate in pay per click advertising. Google’s pay-per-click or PPC advertising program is called AdWords.

Why is Content Marketing Critical for Search Engine Optimization?

content marketing

We said it: Successful SEO campaigns are no longer built around link building. In the near future, every business that successfully gains rank online will achieve organic ranking success with well-written, relevant and creative content. Sustainable, long-term SEO campaigns that work will not be the result of SEO short-cuts – at least not anymore.

A Recap of Google’s Penguin 2.1 Search Engine Update

Penguin 2.1

Google’s penguin, spam-filtration algorithm received an update recently: coined “Penguin 2.1” by Google, but accepted as Penguin 5 by most internet users. Essentially, Penguin was released by Google as an algorithm which punishes websites using black-hat SEO tricks to improve ranks – namely by irrelevant link building. The release of Penguin 2.1 reflected a huge […]