This Is How AdWords Helps Your Organic SEO

With well over a million businesses relying on Google AdWords, there has to be a reason why virtually all market leaders use it. After all, these online advertisements cost money and if they didn’t provide results, Google would not be the mega-success that it is today. Google swears up and down that AdWords does not […]

Google AdWords: 10 Pro Tips For Boosting ROI

Google AdWords

Every week, we work with new clients and help them save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just by enabling some useful features in Google AdWords. This typically helps businesses of all sizes save money, increase ROI, or (and most often) both.

What is AdWords Pay-per-Click Advertising?


Pay per click advertising harnesses the power of the search engines to make your site more visible. When you put your site up on the Internet, you may opt to participate in pay per click advertising. Google’s pay-per-click or PPC advertising program is called AdWords.