WordPress SEO Structured Data Schema Plugin

Hi All,

Thank you for visiting our WP SEO Structured Data Schema FAQ page:


1. Do you provide plugin support on this site?

No, we don’t provide any support through this site, if you have a support request, please put it up on the WordPress.org support page for this plugin:


Please keep in mind, we designed this plugin for our own use and didn’t anticipate that is would get as much traction as it has.  It’s great that so many businesses and marketers use our plugin, but it is a free plugin so there is a limit to how much support we can give.

We are committed to making this a great plugin, but it’s only been out in the wild for a relatively short time and we try to improve it and work out any kinks as time goes by.

We do intend to have a pro-version out soon and provide a support forum (for all users) on a separate site.  The revenues we get from the pro version will hopefully allow us to provide more support for all versions.


2. Does the free version of this plugin support custom post types or product types?

No, the free version does not support custom post types or product types.  Only general organization schema and support for standard Post and Page types.


3. Does the plugin support WPMU (WordPress Multisite)?

No the free version does not support WPMU.  The pro-version does / will.

Thank you for your patience and for giving this plugin a try.  We made this plugin for our own in house use and decided to add it to the WP library.


4. Do you have an auto-fill or a feature that automates any of the process?

The pro-version


5. Do you have any help resources?

Yes, we have this basic video for initial setup and and example of how to use this plugin for Blog post markup.



6. Test This Page

On this page you are reading right now, I added both Blog Post Schema, and also Video Schema for the above video, you see the error free test on Google here:



Thank you for your support and patience,

Phil Singleton