Roofing SEO Services Case Study

Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton

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If you are a second-page-of-Google roofing company with first-page revenue, your SEO strategy isn’t working hard enough for you.

You may be using all the right tactics but are lacking the essential elements that pull them all together.

This Kansas City roofing contractor SEO case study is a great example of a company leaving SEO money on the table, stopping them from reaching their full potential. It also demonstrates that an SEO failure isn’t always a complete disaster but rather a successful company inhibited from reaching its full potential.


  • This is not a client or previous client
  • Second-generation roofing contractor
  • They are about a 25 million or 30 million dollar company but could be a 50 million dollar company
  • Have a relatively strong offline brand

Our Motivation for Doing this Case Study

Firstly, to show that massive untapped SEO potential limits this business from reaching its business and financial goals.

Secondly, it is a cautionary tale of hiring niche agencies and why a generalist SEO company might be a better fit.

What are they Doing Right?

Let’s first look at what this company’s website is doing right.

  • Nice-looking site
  • Good SEO basics
  • Consistent blogging
  • Some video content
  • Good traffic and metrics

But, there is uncorked SEO value that can double or triple traffic in two to three months.

What are they Doing Wrong?

Here are some of the things this company’s website is doing wrong.

Ranking for Top of Funnel Words

They are page 1 for many top-funnel words, which is great for traffic but not always in the company’s best interest.

You need to ask yourself what you want to rank for. Do you want commercial intent or high traffic and less commercial intent?

Bottom-of-the-funnel keywords are the best to target as customers are looking to buy. For example, someone searching for “roofing contractors Kansas City” is looking for contractors for their home renovation project. But, if someone is searching for “vinyl roof sheets,” they might be researching the material and looking for information rather than purchasing.

Fragmented strategy

They are using the right tactics, but the strategy isn’t there. They lack a cohesive SEO strategy that makes the website a marketing hub.

Bad Pre-Made WordPress Theme

A generic WordPress theme will never rank well or get great visibility. A custom website built by an SEO expert consistently outperforms a pre-made website.

Company Should (and Can Be) #1

It should be top in Kansas City and all other regional markets it operates in. This company has many of the correct elements, but they are sitting on the second page of Google with first-page revenue.

This shows that they’re using an SEO 1.0 strategy when they should move towards a 2.0 strategy using E-A-T. If your site is not positioning you as an authority in your field with expertise that the customer can trust, you are leaving money on the table without realizing it.

A good website is more than just blogging and backlinks, and without an E-A-T strategy, your visibility will erode.

The 100% Guaranteed Fix

Keep the Design

The website looks good, and the content is valuable, but it does need a top to bottom on-page optimization.

Focus on E-A-T

If your marketing company isn’t talking to you about this strategy, they are behind the curve, which is detrimental to your business.

Your website has to be a platform where you establish your company as the authority and a company that people should trust to buy from.

Develop an Optimized Calendar

Part of our process is developing an optimized calendar based on the search behavior of your ideal client. Understanding search intent is critical to your marketing strategy.

Reposition the Website as a Marketing Hub

Your website should be the center of your marketing and SEO strategy, a publishing platform, and the referral source for all content.

Defragment Marketing Platform

You should have a high ROI web design that has all your lead generation sources together. Integrating campaigns with your website as a hub allows you to 10x your marketing campaigns.

Is a Niche Marketing Agency Right for You?

Niching is a phenomenal way to sell, but it’s not always the best way to buy.

If you are after rankings, leads, and profits, avoid getting conned by niche marketers who often market themselves as better than clients.

They can be great, but do your homework before choosing a niche marketing agency.

Why You Should Choose a Generalist Instead

A generalist SEO company will have worked in multiple markets and industries, solved many problems, and can use that experience to find new and creative ways to help your business.

If you do some research, you will find many generalist SEO companies dominating the market in their metro areas for companies in the home and professional services.

Choose a Generalist Like Kansas City SEO

  • We can fix virtually any website SEO problem within your time and budget
  • We can help you recover lost rankings
  • We can help you use SEO to calibrate your marketing tactics
  • We specialize in E-A-T-oriented SEO
  • We help companies convert from SEO 1.0 to SEO 2.0
  • With experience in several economic cycles over the last 20 years, we know that SEO is one of your best weapons in down markets

Kansas City SEO is Here to Help

If you have rebranded with the wrong SEO strategy, you will notice a decrease in your visibility and organic traffic. When looking at your website or branding, it is crucial to have an SEO strategist who understands the Google mindset and can help you tie your marketing together.

We are trying to do more with less and help our clients have an effective SEO and social media strategy that doesn’t take them away from their business. You don’t need to be a slave to social media; in reality, most people don’t have the time to build an influencer-style audience.

But there is a way to do it that leaves you the time to run your business while being active on social media and the internet through SEO. This allows you to spend the least amount of time you need to get maximum results.