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local seoWe get so many questions on local SEO that we just had to write and eBook on it.  If you are like most savvy local business owners, you now realize that most traditional forms of advertising are dead, and the ones that are still hanging around are slowly deteriorating in terms of return on investment.  You cannot avoid the Internet anymore and you cannot avoid Google if you want yor company to be a marketing leader in your territory or niche.

If you are a Kansas City area business owner, we will provide you with a copy of this eBook for free.  It is chock full of SEO advice and includes many thing that your business can do today to leverage the Internet to get the phone ringing.  In the end, that’s what all marketing is about…lead generation and getting the phone to ring with high quality lead.

Read what the world’s top small business marketing expert, John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, has to say able Local SEO.

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Read the foreword to Local SEO by John Jantsch:

Local SEO

Thoughts on using this guide

Since you’ve opened this guide I’m guessing you want to grow your business, get better at marketing or maybe just figure out how to acquire that first customer.

So, first off – congratulations. A commitment to life-long learning is the hallmark of any truly committed entrepreneur.

But make no mistake there is more information available than time to consume it and it’s very important that you take in a steady diet of practical information created by those that have been where you’re trying to go.

This guide certainly meets that criteria.

I know the authors of this guide personally and have seen their work first-hand. They not only consistently deliver results for their clients; both have been very generous in sharing their knowledge by way of training fellow members of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. I think this speaks volumes because it allows me to confidently assure you that you are about to read some pretty good stuff.

Ray Perry and Phil Singleton are two rock star marketing professionals in the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. As certified marketing consultants they:

  • Have completed my intensive training program;
  • Participate in ongoing marketing training and mentoring;
  • Have exclusive access to an arsenal of proven tools and methodologies;
  • Are members of an elite, fast-growing global network of talented small business marketing consultants;
  • Are certified to install the Duct Tape Marketing System.

At Duct Tape Marketing, we teach that strategy before tactics is the key to creating a winning, high ROI marketing plan. Getting your strategy right from the get-go is the only way to create a web-centric, inbound marketing platform that will consistently draw ideal customers to your doorstep.

Once you get the right strategy in place, however, tactical execution is the only way to ensure that your marketing plan will produce results.

The Marketing Guides series, is broken down into logical eBook chunks, and in a practical, easy-to-read format. Each eBook in this series will give you – the business owner – the education you need to understand and apply an important tactic to your business.

I highly recommend this eBook and the entire Marketing Guides series. Read this book, apply what you learn and there is no question your business will generate more business and more leads. Period.

John Jantsch
Author Of Duct Tape Marketing