Roofing SEO Services Case Study

roofing seo services

If you are a second-page-of-Google roofing company with first-page revenue, your SEO strategy isn’t working hard enough for you. You may be using all the right tactics but are lacking the essential elements that pull them all together. This Kansas City roofing contractor SEO case study is a great example of a company leaving SEO […]

Managed Service Provider SEO & Web Design Case Study

managed service provider seo

This example of an organic rankings collapse and SEO failure that happens all too often these days. If you have recently hired a new digital agency, content marketing or branding company, you might want to have someone take a look at your SEO data to see what you have lost, and what may be holding […]

A Digital Marketing Wake-up Call From The Stock Market

stock marketing digital marketing

If you’re a digital marketer, you know it can be a challenge sometimes to convince business owners that a web-centric marketing strategy is the only way forward. Believe it or not, many businesses are still “dipping their toes” in digital.  Their strategy is to randomly try tactics- which is no strategy at all. We talk […]

Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Review & Network Cost | The Real Story

duct tape marketing review

Updated 2022 Are you searching for Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network Review? If you stumbled on this blog post, you’re likely looking for information about John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing Network in terms of it’s value, cost or pricing, and if it’s a worthwhile investment. Before you read on, please know that you can give […]

Starting an SEO Agency: How I Started My First SEO Business

start an seo business

I was interviewed by Ali Salman of Xoomly on the “Escape 9 to 5” Podcast as an SEO expert! Here is a summary of the interview, with the full podcast episode down below. A Passion for Independence and Growth Phil Singleton Early Career Revelation: Before diving into Phil Singleton’s SEO journey, let’s rewind to the […]

SEO Silver Bullet: Discipline is the Key to Search Engine Optimization

There are a number of catch phrases and old sayings that apply to SEO. Some are appropriate and others are not. For example, the saying ‘the devil’s in the details’ definitely applies to SEO. However, ‘set it and forget it’ definitely does not – and will never – apply to SEO. In order to achieve […]

Brian Halligan

  CEO & Co-founder, HubSpot “…Phil hit the nail on the head. The way people shop and buy has fundamentally changed, an inbound strategy is now a necessity for getting found online and growing your business.”

Joost de Valk

CEO & Founder, Yoast “There are many pieces to solving the SEO puzzle. From search engine friendly web design and content marketing, to social media and reputation management, SEO for Growth will help you put it all together.”

What is Guest Blogging & How Does It Help SEO?

There is only one constant with Google – it is constantly changing. Any website that wants to continue seeing results for their website needs to implement all these changes – and quickly – to avoid serious penalties from Google. Guest blogging has been a controversial topic in the past – some claiming that it was […]

HTTPS Google Update: SSL Is An SEO Ranking Signal

Most people are familiar with the ‘http’ appearing before most web addresses, but may not know what those letters stand for, or their significance. This can be dangerous and even costing you in the rankings if you don’t take the time to learn a bit more about what this means.