5 Reasons Your Company Needs to Start Blogging TODAY

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Over the last two years, blogging has become one of the most important SEO ranking factors. Google does not want you to post all your best content on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. They want you to build value on your website. After you create a search engine friendly website with a content management system such as WordPress, your Kansas City business needs to consistently post high quality, relevant content to your website, via your company blog. Here are five reasons why blogging is important and will continue to be important in 2014:

  1. Content attracts consumers: Just about every business person has realized the importance of the internet in promoting a business. By providing content you have opened up the avenues and ways in which potential customers can find you. If you sell a product, your customers are probably searching for what to look for in that product. By blogging you are providing search-engine friendly content to rank yourself with, in far more keywords than just have company-based information. Particularly if you are a small business, blogging attracts customers to your website which is the first step in turning visitors into customers. The more ways in which you are able to be found, the more often you will be found!
  2. Rapports are built through continuous involvement: If you are able to provide content, continuously, which is useful for your customers, they will inevitably become more frequent visitors. The more frequently anyone visits your website, the more easily they can be converted to customers. The more easily you can convert users to customers, the more you will do so and the better your business will be. Further, by actively engaging your audience, you are providing an incentive to choose you over any potential competition. People are constantly looking for ways to differentiate between similar identities in corporations, and if you can reach out and build relationships with your customers through an active blog, your business has a distinct, competitive advantage: an extraordinary critical success factor in business.
  3. Your business is personalized, relatable and made accessible: For the same reason that people relate to corporations who have a mascot, people relate more easily to companies with blogs. In today’s society, everyone is looking for a company with a personality, more so than a giant, non-tangible entity. Apple is seen a creative thinking, revolutionary company, while Google, despite their market share, is seen as an underdog, fighting for the people-type business. While this is evidently reflected in their business structure, they mirror this with their engagement to the public. If your company can create an image through a well-structured blog, you have gained user trust and built a reputation that is personal and relatable.
  4. You are able to promote, with good reason: Unfortunately self-promotion is almost always frowned upon. People dislike begging for shares, or likes, or whatever other social-media type instructions they are given. However, people love to share articles which they relate with or find entertainment in. If you are the company which is providing those articles, whether helpful, humorous or generally though-provoking, you have established a means of word-of-mouth promotion, without having to annoy your customers. You have given your customers a reason to share you with their friends, family and coworkers: that means you will grow in size, inevitably.
  5. Branding has never been this easy: Since the foundation of companies, they have tried to align themselves with social matters in order to create a brand and a sense of attachment to the views of their customers. Brand values are frequently an important aspect when choosing a business for a potential customer. If you are actively blogging, you have a clear and well defined platform for engaging your audience and discussing your brand values. These articles, which may not be directly related to your business, will attract a consumer base which is in alignment with your values and thus will leads to an improved business outlook. Branding yourself is extremely convenient with a well-thought out blog.